6 Reasons to Have That Stump Removed NOW

Tree Stumps. They may seem harmless at first sight, however, it is essential that you have them out of your garden immediately; they can become a safety hazard as well as a dead tree that can fall at any time with no warning. Whether you are still not sure if the stump of a tree should be removed, we have rounded up several reasons why you must contact a tree removal specialist at this time:

1. Stumps mark the look of your yard

The tree stumps in your yard are a total monstrosity. They make your garden look neglected. Whether you want your garden to look presentable, then you should not leave the stumps there. But keep in mind that, if you discover the idea of removing the stump, root network, and a whole problem, there are really many things you can do with it.

You can do it as your DIY project and turn it into a bench, a planter, or even if the stump is big and tall enough, a table! However know that if left unattended, the tree stumps may decrease the value of your property.

2. Stumps can pose a danger to children

When you want to transform your house into a child-friendly area, leaving the old tree stumps in the yard it is surely a no-no. For homes that have young children, these stumps can be dangerous to them, particularly if they love running around the garden.

In addition, small tree stumps can break your lawn equipment if you ever unintentionally hit one of them though maintaining the lawn. A small tree stump can become your responsibility if somebody visits your home and stumbles upon it.

3. Stumps make gardening and mowing more difficult

Apart from the fact that tree stumps can harm your mower, it makes the entire task difficult as well. Having logs around the yard can be a totality nuisance when mowing as well as weeding the lawn for clear reasons.

4. Stumps can contribute to the growth of a new tree

In general, there are cases in which a tree stump causes a new growth of the tree. You may notice that small trees begin to grow around it sooner or later, and certainly, this will make your garden seem even less attractive. In addition, ruining your landscape, it can cost you a lot, as it would be more difficult to eliminate plants that have established their roots.

5. Old stumps attract insects

Leaving the old stumps behind will not only make your garden a monstrosity, but it will also attract insects as well. Since a decomposing tree takes a long time to decompose completely, the tree stump will attract a group of insects to live in it.

In addition, termites are extremely unpleasant, as they can compromise the structure of your residence. Instead of waiting for more serious consequences to occur and paying a large amount of money for insect extermination experts, you can just eliminate the stump as soon as possible now.

6. They consume patio space

Have you wanted to put a picnic table in your garden? Or maybe you’re planning to put a garden there? There is actually no problem with whatever you desire to do with your garden, but if there are many tree stumps there, you will have trouble making your plans come true.

If you have a small yard and need to transform it into a lovely place for your family to relax and bond, then a tree stump in your garden is a big no.

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